Programs for Faith Communities

Story is a key element of most faith traditions.  When a community gathers to share beliefs, questions, and new possibilities, storytelling is a natural part of the process.

In recent years, my research into folklore has extended and evolved into close reading of the sacred texts of many faith traditions.  I have developed three concert-length programs that are particularly appropriate for adult audiences of faith communities.



Current Programs:


“Prophets and Loss” lifts the story of King David from the pages of the Hebrew Bible and ignites it into life.  Against the background of Israel’s evolution from twelve tribes to a unified kingdom, the story describes the very human struggles and failures of Samuel, Saul and David as they manifest a new nation, under God.

90 minutes (abridged) or 4 hours (complete)

re:creation is a play in nine stories, a spiral of myths circling around humankind's eternal fascination with the origins of the universe.  Tom Lee guides listeners through ancient and modern mythologies in which creation cracks from a cosmic egg, emerges from eternal waters, and falls from the sky in the womb of a mother from another world.

With humor, metaphor, and astonishing imagery, these stories reflect one another as the moon reflects the sun.  The play sheds light on questions, while leaving answers lurking in the shadows.

90 minutes

The Irish story of "The Voyage of Saint Brendan" describes the adventures of a monk who visits a series of islands with nearly surreal inhabitants.  Based in part on early Irish immrama, this early Christian story preserves elements of ancient Irish mythology and considers the sacred nature of time.

90 minutes