About the Stories

I tell hundreds of traditional stories, myths, and legends from countries and cultures around the world. Most are hundreds or even thousands of years old. This is not a complete list but an attempt to give a sense of the range of stories I tell.

Performances for adults will, of course, include very different stories than programs for children.  I am happy to discuss the full range of possible stories before booking a program.



European Folktales

 • Ivan and the Firebird (Russia)
• The Bear King  (Norway)
• Gallo Cristallo  (Italy)
• Why the Sea is Salt (Denmark)
• The Battle of the Birds (Scotland)
• Three Perfect Peaches (France)
• 3 Heads in the Well (England)

Cuneiform tablet, Babylon, 2nd Century B.c.

Tales from the Brothers Grimm

• Iron Hans
• The Golden Bird
• Jorinda & Joringle
• The Twelve Windows
• 1 Eye, 2 Eyes and 3 Eyes
• Bearskin


Chinese Myths and Legends

• The Mother of Dragons
• Pan Ku and Creation
• The Heavenly River
• The Inn of the Donkeys
• The Yellow Thunder Dragon


Classical Mythology

• The Birth of the Gods
• Cadmus and the Serpent
• Tales from The Odyssey
• Demeter and Persephone
• The Birth of Achilles
• The Labors of Herakles
• Perseus and Medusa

the gundestrup Cauldron

Irish Legends and Myths

• The Tuatha De Danaan
• The Hound of Ulster
• The Boyhood Deeds of Finn
• Oisin in the Land of Youth
• Lugh of the Long Arm
• The Book of Lee


Medieval Stories

• Tristan and the Dragon
• The Wooing of Olwen
• Godfather Death
• The Pardoner's Tale
• The Sword in the Stone

Terracotta neck-amphora ca. 540 B.C

Myths from Mesopotamia

• The Epic of Gilgamesh
• The Anzu Bird
• Marduk and the Creation
• The Invention of Writing
• Innana in the Underworld
• Utnapishtim and the Great Flood
• King Ashurbanipal

Wenceslaus Hollar, Algonquian Indian   1645

Native American Tales*

*(For school programs only):
• Chestnut Pudding
• Spider Grandmother Creates
• The Woman Who Fell from the Sky
• The Deer Wife
• Two Feathers


Mayan Myths and Stories

• Tales from the Popol Vuh